Lady Liberty book and workbook

The Liberate Journey gave me something I didn’t believe was possible – healing.

former student, UK

Thank you LM, I have been healed…I now experience hope, freedom and restoration from my…past abortions.

Lisa, MN USA

Liberate Ministries’ ten week course is taught using the Lady Liberty: A Post-Abortive Story of Healing book and workbook.

Since the course is now online (30+ videos), you can work through it individually; or with a group of women; or for both men and women who are in all types of relationships. Whether your single, co-habiting or married, you can view the videos together.

Each video contains: the title, the topic, informational resources that I used for the video, and scriptures from the bible. While I was recording them, I also added more insights on the topic.

How do I know if I need this…

  • re-enacting the abortion in your mind
  • trying to quit thinking, moving on in life
  • thoughts of suicide
  • angry response when sharing with others
  • filled with guilt, shame, sadness
  • numbing the pain with alcohol, drugs, cuttings
  • changed view of yourself after going through it
  • relationship with God changed after abortion
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